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Sloth celebrate diversity Halloween shirt

As president he is over the Weed skull smoking shut up lungs you’re fine vintage shirt moreover I will buy this military without being a member of any branch. You liberals live on a different planetAmy White, Trump can’t be court martialed, as he isn’t actually in the military. While Amy’s use of the term is inappropriate […]

Pig Fall pumpkin it’s the most wonderful time of the year shirt

Black power isn’t racist, they want to be heard and fight the Welding is like sewing with fire vintage shirt and I will buy this systemic racism that is designed to go against them. I didn’t care they took down the confederate statues either, though didn’t see how it helped fight racism. Do you work for CNN […]

Pitbull rescue heart colorful shirt

The world surely do not need these kind of leaders in the Official cute meoween happy Halloween shirt and by the same token and 21rst Century. Thanks, I’ll pass on your judgment and stick with actual medical professionals who have been working in infectious disease for years. Lol all these armchair physicians on here offering their medical […]