10 Eli Manning Thank You For The Memories Signature Shirt. Michael Powell Toni Watson the queen oversees and signs off on laws, policies, and procedures put in place by parliament such as the propagation of parliament seen in recent weeks so how is that “keeping out of politics” – explain? Shaun Parks Michael Powell that power was taken away from the royal household a century or 2 ago. You’re not on ya own though, I’ve seen many posts of same thinking just that. Andrea Szigeti Michael Powell thanks for confirming that you DON’T have a clue. Have you forgotten that you are having elections from time to time? It’s not like you voted once and that’s it. Not to mention your astounding ignorance about the role of the Queen. Michael Powell, I’ve voted in the referendum like everyone else.

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10 Eli Manning Thank You For The Memories Signature Shirt. The result should be honored but instead, there are those calling for a second referendum because they don’t like the result. So by that logic, if Jeremy Corbyn gets elected can those like myself that consider him unelectable ask for another vote because we don’t like the result. Andrea Szigeti May I suggest a dictionary? To check the meaning of advisory. Good luck! (Also, May how many times had a vote on the same crap deal of hers? Michael Powell Andrea Szigeti may I respectfully suggest that you check the definition pertaining to freedom of speech, just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean that I have to agree with it a vice versa. Obviously you are free to speak as much BS as you want. But bear the consequences of it and don’t be surprised if your ignorance is pointed out.

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    Very easy to use site. T-shirt didn’t arrive next day but as promised if they miss the deadline they sent a £10 voucher. I will definitely be using again!

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