So here I am with my jeans down. I didn’t change into a gown or anything. This place was unlike any kind of clinic I had ever been in. They deal in volume here. I am looking at my penis and trying to wish it to go flaccid. Ironic. So the door opens and I didn’t get alarmed it’s just the doctor. But no, it’s a nurse and a patient. She said you are supposed to be out of here. Dr swim left a long time ago. Well, she is getting some other doctor to see something. Well we need this room we are going to be right over here and she and the patient go to the other side of the room. I think now is a good time to put the horse in the barn. No sooner do I zip and the door opens again. They both stand there looking at me and one of them says is it okay we have a little look?

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So my penis is being examined by a relatively attractive lady doctor. And here is some background on me. If you look at my penis it looks like I have two pee holes. It looks like it kinda, but no there is just one. Pee only comes out of one. Every single time in my life a medical professional looked at my penis they spend a long time and all ask me a bunch of questions. Like does per come out of both holes? They ask that several times and when I say no and they always say are you sure. I have done this kind of thing a couple times.

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