18 Kyle Busch Racing Flag Shirt. Rahul Baba Trump killed him because he wouldn’t write him beautiful love letters like his soul mate from Korea does. Americans? Obama killed Bin Laden nobody saw the body and he was buried in the ocean. Today a little known Hamza is killed by the Air Force does this secure Trump a second term in the oval office. Honestly 6.5. Billion people on this planet cheat death every day take driving a car you might be a careful driver others might not be or when you cross the street or when you talk to strangers if you lived life according to media and thought about you cheat death every day you would be a paranoid schizophrenic.

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18 Kyle Busch Racing Flag Shirt. I have often thought this, people with unknown heart problems or the fact of falling at speed or height can and do cause death or severe injuries which is a risk too far,(we all take risks )and are those looking after the equipment checking to make sure it’s alright and safe? Went to one in Switzerland. So luckily I followed my son who was sucked into a swirling vortex, you could see the panic in his face as the “lifeguard” had his back to him. The ride was meant to be suitable for his height. I agree with the surgeon BUT, he is dealing with human beings that love a challenge it’s in the blood at various levels in all of us. Bet he never has had the adrenalin rush of riding a motorbike as I did how.

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    i love this shirt

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