22 year of Harry Potter 1997 2019 signature Shirt. There isn’t enough money in the world to prompt me to kill my best friend. These people are sick. My heart is breaking for the thought of this girl knowing that her best friends killed her and had film rolling. I cannot even fathom what her family is going through. Nicci Burke, I completely agree. I used to have a best friend who would seriously fall out with our other friends. I made the mistake of thinking that he’d never do that with me. How wrong I was! I was eventually warned by the head bouncer of the club my “friend” ran that he’d turned on me too.
People like that are really not nice. My one-time best friend turned up at my house with his bouncers and asked me to get in the car with them!

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Thanks to the advance warning, 22 year of Harry Potter 1997 2019 signature Shirt. I feel SO much for that poor girl because sometimes you do think that your friends are genuinely your friends. Then you find out that they really are not. None of them had the brains or the heart to say no? Did this to best friend for money? Sad and scary these kinds of people exist and use the internet, drive cars, vote, have children, etc. I know, it’s frightening. I thought the worst thing my ex-friends could do was abandon me when I became disabled. Hell, at least they did not try murder. Sociopaths walk around us, looking just like real humans. Yes, social media has brought it to everyone’s attention just how screwed up the world really is.. in high definition.

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