There is more to this than the coronavirus. Tax cuts with no spending cuts. Low rates. No trying to cut the deficit. Highest national debt ever The sugar high from the buybacks. There have been recession indicators flashing for the past year and everyone ignoring them. The markets having been waiting the coronavirus just sparked it.  For years later, the misery index was like a millstone around his neck. Donald Trump has been using the stock market as sort of a prosperity index. He has been taking full credit for it’s rise. It’s fall could be his undoing. In politics, there’s a danger in making too big a deal out of anything.
Trump took credit for the stock market rise but when it fell more than 3000 points in the last 3 days and still going down he blames media and democrat, that is typical a Narcissist and ego manic behavior never accept defeat and do not listen to others always want to win by hook or crook.  If we had not fired two years ago the rapid response team at the CDC to divert funds to a useless political wall and stepped up as the leader in assistance to the WHO instead of isolation ideology, then perhaps trader confidence would have staved off most of this drop.


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