23 Years Of Linkin Park 1996 2019 Signature shirt. All the people that say that she’s the NANNY are racist. You crazy people how dare you to judge a mother as Nanny? Just because the children took after the father’s genes you have no right to judge that woman. Matt Simsek oh calm down chief, what attitude? She was just trying to get them out of there so he could do his job. I’m pretty sure the mom was in the bathroom and heard that door open then ran for dear life without getting her pants all the way up which is why she was trying to hide. Sali Sali, she’s the Mum. The father gave an interview and said it was his wife and if you look the kids are mixed. Beautiful family. Sindri Björn Ákason you don’t have to be sorry, I don’t think you said anything wrong or hurtful, that was my assumption too that she was the nanny.

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23 Years Of Linkin Park 1996 2019 Signature shirt. The little girls definitely didn’t look half Asian, even though genes are an amazing thing. Nick Moss who cares if she is the nanny or not, well ok it’s the mom, so… it does not change the fact that the reactions and the little girl not looking Asian at first made a lot of people think the same. It’s not racism or a superiority complex. As if being a nanny was something shameful… Its a job and nothing else, I bet you that even a lot of Asians that watched this video thaught that at first…this world is always about race. I’d say that babysitter was looking for a new job. No such thing as children should be seen and not heard why didn’t he acknowledge his child and then carry on with his boring interview. Sheila Osullivan because he was in the middle of his job, I highly doubt if he was in a board meeting his child would be allowed in.

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