33 Tony Dorsett Running Back Signature Shirt. Mario Aguilar, she was young when this happened. Not everyone fully understands their actions will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Better to have her input into the film to make it as accurate as possible. Bill is a known liar and I wouldn’t trust him or his judgment. Remember, there are many things to look at before you judge someone else. Monica regrets deeply what she found out too late to change. Her life could have been totally different, but she’s doing the best she can to take responsibility for herself. Oh, stop! He is far more responsible. He was in a position of authority over her and he was betraying a wife and daughter.

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33 Tony Dorsett Running Back Signature Shirt. You saw the speaking fees Clinton receives. Why is she more responsible than him? The answer is, she is not. She is paying the entire price he is unscathed. I wish we could go back to the days where it was considered scandalous if a President got a hummer from an intern. The Pussygrabber in Chief wouldn’t be here. Denise Wilson Stoner, I did and I still think she’s full of crap. She likes attention and she’s going to keep exploiting what happened as long as she gets the attention she’s after. Mario Aguilar, She was an intern in her 20s and he was her boss aa well as the President. He was in a position of power, he knew better. Robert Hoyt yeah, remember when there was a trial, facts, evidence, and a conclusion?

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