Alex Morgan Signature Usa Team Soccer shirt. Just wonder how many thousands of Americans are incarcerated around the world. This guy is getting special treatment because of his mild celebrity. By the president of the United States. Of all the things for this guy to focus on. I don’t know who he is but it wouldn’t surprise me at all he is being treated unfairly by the Swedish judicial system because he is black. Possible 2 years in prison for involving in a fight which nobody got seriously hurt I assume? Seriously? Craven Tsang Treated unfairly in Sweden because he is black? You do know that we are talking about the most PC country in the world, right? What a great way for trump’s administration to stop people talking about his own parties’ attitudes and treatment of African Americans.

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Alex Morgan Signature Usa Team Soccer shirt. So a celebrity asks a faux president to intervene in a legal case. Without checking the faux president attempts to interfere with due process in another country without even checking into what could be done. The faux president then proceeds to undermine the case in the foreign court by transmitting unsubstantiated claims about what happened. I think the fat lazy coward needs to clam up and let the rule of law and due process work. And do you know if this person has been unfairly treated? He certainly hasn’t been separated from his family as a child, and he has lots of “influential” friends to plead his case. Now that’s unfair.


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