I think you will rue the long term repercussions if Alter Bridge guitarist signatures shirt.  John Cole Francesco Benevento as part of the world we think it was Hillary and Obama not trump. Wake up your being lied too by your MSM. Angie Blonde Raymond liberal isn’t an insult lol. Being called a Republican sure as F is though. Tia Metzger What positive things? His tariffs are killing farmers and manufacturing. His stupid tax cuts only helped the rich. Sorry guys, but not a thing has been done to help the working class. Kim Ritter Jerad Finck what would be really positive would be if they’d indict the whole rotten bunch of grifters- Giuliani, Pompeo, Nunes, Trump, Perry, Barr, Pence, and that little weasel Mulvaney

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Alter Bridge guitarist signatures shirt. His unemployment statistics include part-time jobs. Sondra Johnson Meegan Lee Holman asks the farmers who went bankrupt or now are receiving welfare payments. John Cole Sondra Johnson things like this don’t happen overnight. You really need to research your statements before making yourself look stupid. Andrew Staines Jerad Finck 37 faked and contrived stories. Wake up and look past the garbage you are being fed. Michael Lawrance Johnson Meegan If you think the economy is just the stock market, then sure. You could totally have that mindset. You could also have a serious hatred for migrant children. But I’m going to guess the first thing. James Sudek John Cole that report is already out and does nothing for trump and while MSM lies.. so does Breitbart and FOX.. they are MSM as well. You are no different than delusional Democrats.


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