Instead of bring in more Always be yourself unless you can be a sloth then always be a sloth shirt armed services why doesn’t he listens to the protesters problem and vow to retrain the entire police force some who abuse power because they think they can get away with it and some have imbedded racism and prejudices. Trump in a way. But wouldnt you love to live in thst guys household. Disobey him and he torches you. Now a days we are not getting the peace and humanity, equality in this world. Every one is distributed with this type of dirty decision, politicians should think or they should learn the lesson of humanity before they elected for such a position.

Always be yourself unless you can be a sloth then always be a sloth shirt

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To deploy the armed forces, Always be yourself unless you can be a sloth then always be a sloth shirt Trump would need to formally invoke a group of statutes known as the Insurrection Act. He can’t just Tweet it out and it will happen. Here it is solution for Trump all caps who participated in the event recorded should be convicted of 1 degree murder. That would call justice but US doesn’t know that words for afro American communities. He should have sent the military in yesterday! People also obviously don’t seem to care if they catch corona. The law abiding must be protected. Those who cause injustice must be called to answer for their wrongdoings. How I am so happy I live in Singapore.

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