Congratulations the Germans.U have to pride by our leader and the established system The Cleveland Browns 75th anniversary thank you for the memories shirt. The German’s are effective and efficient as usual! Appears the strategy needed to isolate, treat, contain, and eradicate the COVID-19 crisis is being led by an intelligent woman leader – a stark contrast to what we’re doing in our country. Men. If you had listened to his announcement yesterday, you’d know that President Trump is relying on science to reopen our country. The governors will make the final decision. But please don’t allow actual facts to interfere with your hatred of our President.

They have not achieved anything other than a huge number of bankruptcies and now unemployed. I need The Cleveland Browns 75th anniversary thank you for the memories shirt. The pandemic is more or less at the same level where it was weeks ago. Neither a vaccine nor a therapy is insight. At no stage has Merkel nor anyone of her cabinet mentioned an idea as to how the pandemic could be led to an end nor how long they are intending to strip civil rights of Germans, waiting and praying for a solution that may never come. How I wish this brilliant, incredibly capable woman were running our country.

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