That’s rubbish and American ok boomer shirt. Don’t make this disaster about politics, please. These people are watching their lives and possessions floating away in murky waters! It wouldn’t have been any different in the south. Emergencies services were on the spot very quickly, a COBRA meeting held yesterday sees funds being allocated and the army in, Can’t stop the deluge of heavy rain expected tomorrow though – or is that Westminster’s fault too! Allan George Wright It is easy to criticize but coming from a background of emergency service…when water still rising or maintaining a level…where do you get rid of water too. Emergency help in the first instance is local which councils have funding for.. Pat Ches Brenda Cherrett ah but they are in the south WEST and not on the London commuter belt, which makes a difference when giving out funds.

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American ok boomer shirt. Paul Putnam Brenda O’Brien I was trying not to make a political point. Governments, in general, are not good at reacting to this sort of thing. Weather events such as we saw in the North remain relatively rare so when they do strike we are often unprepared. An engineer said on the radio a day ago that you can build all the flood defenses you like but every so often an event will take place that hasn’t been planned for. Paul Putnam, Many years ago I was on the road as a sales rep. My vast area included much of the West Midlands & all of the southwest. However, it was always clear to me that my head office friends, based in London knew nothing & cared less about anything that happened west of Reading. If this sort of attitude still persists then the rest of the country will always play second fiddle to London & the home counties.


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