Ann and Barry Up Yours Shirt. I don’t mind some of my taxes being spent to assist the less fortunate. I do mind supporting wealthy industrialists whose entire aim in life is to avoid paying one cent in taxes to support the country that has made their obscene wealth possible. Your ‘way of life’ is, of course, your own affair. My ‘way of life’ includes some thought for others, even those not related to me. No one is ‘useless’. The degree to which someone can be ‘used’ should not be the measure of their humanity. (and I’m glad you aren’t a Trump voter). Michael Nilges, I pretend nothing. I am merely commenting on a news item I found disturbing. I am sure that is exactly what your ancestors wanted when they came to America. Bless your heart.

Ann and Barry Up Yours Shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt





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Ann and Barry Up Yours Shirt. Jody James How do you know who is “useless” until you give them a chance. You don’t, so it is an arbitrary decision. These kinds of laws have always been used to make sure the “right” type of immigrant is allowed in. Translation: keep more white than nonwhite immigrants to maintain the status quo. That whole point of the quota system was to limit the number of immigrants from the “wrong” part of the world while allowing the “right” (western European white) ones in. So, yes, it is quite racist and always has been. better than the vermin of the world and their pathetic hate-filled cultures. You trash in Europe can enjoy the results of your ignorance with your pets.


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