Ameen. Anthony Adams UH HA HA shirt. What’s so sad is you have people like these commenters who fail to see the evil one is real. We will all pay for our sins one day especially those who deny God. May God have mercy on the poor girl that lost her life because of evil. Thanks a lot for such, but people who like the world system and those who are evil-minded, those who worship Satan won’t agree with you, we should remember there is an everlasting fire burning in hell. Tanzeela Mohammed, so people who sin will be punished but people who do not believe in a God (any God as there are many) will be punished more? Also, when is it they will be punished, please? It is mind-boggling to me how hateful some atheists are. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not.

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Anthony Adams UH HA HA shirt. Clearly, this person, Cheryl, is against pride, greed, murder, etc. So why are you attacking her? Take a look in the mirror and you will see that it is you people who are full of hate. The willful ignorance and gullible naiveness of believing in deities without proof is the same one responsible for making people believe that you will get 9 million from some random guy online for killing your friend. What warning is that exactly? Lock up your sociopathic children? I mean it absolutely goes without saying anyone in their teens knows killing another human being is wrong. Eamonn Keaveney And the advice in the article for parents to monitor their children’s online activity is silly. This person is 18 years old. Where her parents supposed to monitor her online activity?


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