Archer Danger Zone Vintage shirt. If people would bother to read the article, they would understand that picking up over 1000 banana skins after a clean-up suggests that maybe we should stop dropping banana skins around! There are other reasons not to drop banana skins. Anybody recall a scene in Billy Madison, or has played any Mario Kart games? Banana skins are not safe! Dorian Pe that has been on the priority list from way back and things seem to be on track, but need to understand the challenges locally. Kindly, don’t make water as a god, treat water as water. We have seen the condition of our numerous river gods. In 1993 when we had no water for a couple of weeks because of flooding the National Guard flew in “bladders” of water people could go to gather jugs of water each day.

Archer Danger Zone Vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt


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Best Archer Danger Zone Vintage shirt

Archer Danger Zone Vintage shirt. We have clogged up river beds, reservoirs, cut off forests and built concrete jungles without self-control or regard to the environment. This is the price of ‘development’ in India. Giving builders unreserved permits to just build anywhere and everywhere they want. It’s the same with Bangalore. What was once a city filled with trees and lakes is now a dusty disgusting town with traffic jams. Why do we do this to ourselves and nature? One side plays the victim and applauds breaking the law, the other one advocates for legal migration and emphasizes the protection of the country’s citizens and legal residents above all else. One side offers freebies to different groups based on race age and gender. The other advocates for capitalism and work ethic to further your own wealth. Two different ideologies.


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