The reason for this awareness is not to help raising funds but the awarenesscomes in diagnosing small children and providing them resources they need. Our society nowadays is more and more rooted in the basis that gregariousness, sociability and extroversion are valued attributes. While, in fact, the opposite attributes bring no less value. As a result, people with Autism are not only misunderstood but also undervalued. Which is a shame, and a miss for future society and our economy. People with Autism have a hard time passing interviews, and therefore finding a good job.

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That candidate would likely have been the brightest, most loyal employee, who would have brought incredible value to the company. Yet, the opportunity was missed due to lack of Autism awareness on behalf of the interviewer. The situations explained in the book are not specific to Autism, but are very similar, as many Autistics are introverts. Not just to Autism, but to anything that is different. It promotes empathy, acceptance and diversity, which only help propelling society forward, and for the positive. East Asian cultures like Japan treat autism and other mental disabilities differently than the west.

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