Autism my Superpower shirt. We live in a society where people devalue the lives of those with disabilities so there’s a good chance they didn’t see it as wrong. I’m not excusing what they did. I’m pointing out a sociopathic trait that’s rather common in today’s society. Maybe watch out for who your developmentally disabled child is hanging around with. Be aware of other peoples sociopathic children. And yes, be aware of the possibility your own children are dangerous sociopaths. I agree with the comment, but the charged was younger than 18 during the time of the crime. I just wanted to clear that up for everyone saying she’s 18. First, you kill empathy and all the rest follows…young duped kids without a pang of conscience.

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Autism my Superpower shirt. It will take a lifetime to sort out, as the awareness that they are cold-blooded murderers secretes into their minds day by day. Life is long. Trauma will attend in full shadow. I read this part “An online stranger convinced a group of teens in Alaska to kill their best friend and film it on Snapchat.” and I thought and it worked?! These kids are like adults aged, 19! Everyone is trying to make quick cash and losing all sense of morality. The human race is becoming more grotesque, just in my lifetime, I am seeing the rapid change. Maybe Custo I don’t think we’re becoming more grotesque, the Internet has just allowed us instant global access into every dark corner of humanity that was once secret. We’ve always been plagued by horrifying people and horrifying events.


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