They should fine anyone saw discarding plastic or Baby Groot and Baby Yoda shirt in the sea or rivers.£1000. Julie Hamer-Skelton Should be tighter controls, laws for fishers not to dump their litter. Maybe some way it could be identified to a company in some way? Wed then know who to fine. Kellie Pharr Let’s do better! There’s no reason for plastic to end up in the ocean. On the other hand, this does not reach the level of government control and take over. Let’s do what makes sense and be better! Marjolijn Bos Kellie Pharr we have to stop at the beginning of the chain: the producers. There are better solutions than making money out of billions of tons of future and not degradable litter.

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Baby Groot and Baby Yoda shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top




V-neck t-shirt

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Baby Groot and Baby Yoda shirt. Kellie Pharr Marjolijn Bos and we can. But it should not involve the “Green New Deal” which is the entire government take over. Kath Gwynn The human race won’t be happy until all other living creature is destroyed by their sheer selfishness and arrogance..  Dawn Croot And what about the ones that don’t wash ashore, our situation is worse than any of us realize poor creature. Look what we are doing to our beautiful planet. Christi Washa Dawn Croot and what are the governments of the world doing about it? Just WHERE do our taxes go? David Penman, The fishing industry needs tighter regulation in all aspects, including nets and how they get discarded and maintained. William McDonald, We need to stop producing so much plastic that it takes years to biodegrade!



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