If push comes to shove, 4 million South Koreans will be Baby Yoda hug Wu-Tang Clan shirt in the first hour of any conflict. The sad part is the human rights violations of N. Korea. Getting China and Russia to be sympathetic in that regard is unrealistic.(for the obvious reasons) , so the best hope is that God will flood the world again and teach us all a good lesson. North Korea has done some nuke testing near the Chinese border that ticked off the Chinese & they’ve even had some trade problems. they aren’t that tight.  This is why the Korean war has never reached its conclusion. Why North Korea exists, nearly 70 years after the ceasefire was first implemented. Randy Simmons All his policies and pretty much everything he says and does are offensive.

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Baby Yoda hug Wu-Tang Clan shirt. Randy Simmons Marcel Osborne yea… I guess us coming close to.war, putting strict sanctions and then the breakdown of the talks means they get along so well… I guess you’re just super intuitive. Randy Simmons Why would you think I’m a trump supporter?? Other than your arrogance and obvious. Marcel Osborne Randy Simmons Close to war ahahahahah I guess you’ll believe anything the Doughnut tells you LMFAO. ‘New ‘ strict sanctions were they? The whole world laughs at The Doughnut and you can’t see it. Eddie Che-Makawa Richie Two clowns were in love a few months ago writing each other beautiful laters what happened now??? Christopher Gomez North Korea should respect other lives. Why not try to test inside of his country


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    Fantastic customer service when emailed them regarding my order. Amazing quality tshirt and printing. Great value. Will be ordering more tshirts after xmas. Fab all round.

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