Barry Manilow 55th Anniversary 1964 2019 Signature Shirt. Boris Burmenko Oh, my God Almighty! Airplanes are crushing, nuclear weapons are blowing away, with a few days apart, with warehouses where there were tons of ammunition and now robots of the 25th century, in a country where cows break their legs on bumpy roads! So funny, it’s breathtaking! Henry V Fitzgerald Jr The use of the term “life-size” in reference to a robot begs several questions. Perhaps the most important one was why an editor at the BBC didn’t suggest “humanoid-sized” as a substitution. Zoe HauuKyp When it means ‘life-size’, doesn’t it refer to human size? Or is English so confusing a language that even native speakers like you can easily confuse on such a simple thing?

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Barry Manilow 55th Anniversary 1964 2019 Signature Shirt. Henry V Fitzgerald Jr Zoe HauuKyp, life takes many forms besides the human one. Are hippopotami life-sized? Giraffes? Tardigrades? Tardigrades have reportedly hitched a ride into space, and are reported (by the BBC, no less) to be living there presently. Is your snootiness life-sized at elephant scale, or blue whale? Zoe HauuKyp Life-size robot – Even a kindergarten would understand that it is human size. If the robot was in elephant shape, of course, they would have clearly specified that it’s an elephant size robot. No need to dig deep in this regard. It’s not rocket science. Henry V Fitzgerald Jr Zoe HauuKyp actually, it is rocket science, in a broad sense, since they are testing a new kind of machine in an extraterrestrial environment that requires rocketry to achieve. I see you have opted to go the blue whale route. Perhaps not the wisest choice, but then, you seem to like being contrary for contrary’s sake.

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