Beat your thoughts to the mould of your will Shirt. One thing I’ve noticed is that denying or acknowledging climate change has a little real impact on the average person’s behavior. It basically makes both groups feel justified in condescension, just for different reasons. But the condescension just further alienates everybody and accomplishes nothing. Ron Blair except one of those groups recognizes fact while the other lives in willful ignorance. The argument to moderation has no place in the climate change debate, just ask anyone on a low lying Pacific island. Connor Well, great. But again, if it doesn’t inform their behavior, there is, at best, a negligible practical difference between being right and being wrong. Everyone’s acting the same way, anyway. And if you go find a study that shows a difference in behaviors, look at the behavior of the average believer, and find out how many people like that the planet can sustain.

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Beat your thoughts to the mould of your will Shirt. Ron Blair, maybe it’s different in the UK. Those that believe in climate change to change their behavior, eg don’t use single-use plastic, recycle, stop eating red meat, move to hybrid or electric cars, stay in this country for holidays…etc. I see a lot of change in behavior. I’m old enough to remember when “smog,” aka “visible air pollution” was a huge environmental concern. In 1970 we were progressive enough to enact the Clean Air Act. Because of those regulations, we reduced emissions and dramatically improved air quality while also achieving economic growth with the innovations required to meet the goal. Yet nowadays, conservatives have chosen to make climate change a political issue rather than an environmental one. We have proven we can turn around environmental issues and still grow due to innovation. We have limited time to turn climate change around. What’s it going to take to wake us up and do what we are capable of?


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