What a crazy deal. Bee Kind Flower shirt. Iran and other countries have the right to develop any weapon including nuclear. Why only some countries have that right to have a massively destructive weapon. I believe Iran has already played its cards right. So, now they’re ready to defend their country dramatically. They would use it against Israel the very minute they develop it… If Israel survives it, at that point they have nothing to lose, if they retaliate, the whole Middle East and the gulf would become a desert again. To be fair the best scenario is no one should have them, the second best scenario is only nations with a history of restraint using nukes in the past should have them (yes USA used them On Japan but that was the first and last time, they never used them again, not Ideal but the empire of Japan would have gone into total war eg kids and woman across the empire forced into Combat).

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Best Bee Kind Flower shirt.

The worst case scenario is any and all nations have them don’t you think? Bee Kind Flower shirt. William Jon, oh, but America is stable, eh? That dipshit of a president of yours is senile and irresponsible, displaying a short fuse and the maturity of a toddler. There is a treaty whereby the nations who have them have promised to make no more of them. The ones they do have sat in silos for half a century. If another country starts building up nuclear weapons it could put that treaty under threat. The countries who have them would want to replace their old stock with newer better more destructive ones to keep that step ahead of the new threat. Clinton Butler we used them to keep Russia out of Asia, we dropped the bomb right after Stalin entered the war with Japan.


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