Vote Conservative for better public welfare” – can I want a hippopotamus for Christmas shirt, sweater how voting for the party that trashed public welfare standards, with Johnson voting in favour of policies that did so, will improve standards? Peter MacPherson Abhishek Shenoy Churchill may have been a good war leader but as soon as the war was over, the public dropped him for Labour who promised a land fit for heroes. In the Sixties, the Tories put placards up telling folk if you want Black Neighbours to vote Labour. Dave Herbert Not true. We lived in France for 8 years……there were tight restrictions on minimum income required etc in order to live there and especially if you needed to use the health service. So… can be done……

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas shirt, sweater, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top




V-neck t-shirt

Best I want a hippopotamus for Christmas shirt, sweater


I want a hippopotamus for Christmas shirt, sweater. Danny Dean, Google the immigration rules about EU citizens living in a different EU member country and you will find you are wrong. Claire Herbert Radosław Przybył yes but not claim benefits or stay longer than 3 months. We just don’t have the infrastructure in place! We could also stop people with criminal records entering but don’t. Rena Verlander Peter MacPherson but they did put him back in afterwards.  Larry Dyde Radosław Przybył so what’s your point? If we enforced that in the EU it would cut the type of migration many people are worried about. Larry Dyde Helen Raikkonen Jackson for the hard of learning here is The actual regulation we choose not to implement. Ben Davies Lets do not forget these immigrants put billions more into the system than taking out. It’s something like 15billion pounds they add.

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  1. Lalake T-shirt

    I order 2 as a test, the t-shirts look great and we will be ordering more, I’m sure.

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