As a Libertarian, it is sadly amusing to Bigfoot go Fishing under the Moon shirt. Christian Costanzo-Vignale Steve Wilson Imagine calling neoliberals communists, you should have stopped at “As a Libertarian” mate, already lost all credibility there. Kelly Toomey Steve Wilson you realize you don’t have to break the law to be impeached right? What crime did Clinton commit to being impeached? Claudia Taormina, I doubt you will answer but why has 45 ordered Bolton & Mulvaney not to testify?

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Bigfoot go Fishing under the Moon shirt. Christian Costanzo-Vignale Credibility with who? I really could care less what you think of me. I just wish you had an independent enough mind and enough intelligence to quit destroying this country. Steve Wilson Linda Evans Critelli Yes, He does all of the time! Kind of like Bernie and Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren saying if Elected Israel will change it stands on the Gaza strip or we will remove all aid. You kind a like Biden bragging about telling Ukraine to fire the prosecutor that was going after his SON. Which is not acceptable in any court except in this kangaroo court. Lenny Knox What is sad is the cult of personality. If Trump is impeached, Pence becomes President, you know, a well know Democrat lol. Steve Wilson Kelly Toomey Yes, I know Pedophilia and taking advantage of interns for sexual gratification is standard practice in the Democratic Party. Trump is just mean and we can’t have any meanies in the office!


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    Very satisfied. Good quality sweater and printing and delivery were prompt. I will most likely be back for more. Thank you.

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