Bob’s Burgers Belcher Family Halloween Pumpkins Shirt. Nicky Taylor Still as great now as it ever was and even after watching hundreds of times, each episode is as funny as it was the 1st time you watched it! Bruce Pfieffer, I never could watch it for more than a few minutes. It just came across something like shallow and almost narcissistic. Did the characters have any real-life apart from hanging on to each other? Sorry, but it wasn’t something in which I could find much to appreciate. Sahil Jivani I am 22 I started watching friends like 10 years ago and still watch it every other day, especially to burn out my stress and to have a joyous time… It still makes me laugh the same way it did for the first time when I watched.. the best stress-buster of all time!! I love it and will always do it!

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Bob’s Burgers Belcher Family Halloween Pumpkins Shirt. Jane Brockie My 12 year old daughter has been watching Friends since I introduced her to it about 4/5 years ago! We both absolutely love the show which is just as well because it’s been pretty much played on a loop for 5 years. Bobby Delaney Not a fan of it but I see the appeal. A close-knit group of friends living in the big city, surviving, but in a more comical way. It’s a feel-good show on growing after college. Joan Davis, It just keeps giving and never gets old. One of the few series I can watch again and still laugh. It was groundbreaking back in the day. The script is so sharp which is why new generations love it. Today’s sitcoms are soft and silly

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