However, some private game reserves do not disclose the fact that, in order to maintain the “savage aspect” of the tour, specially those where and open safari vehicle is used, they “prepare” the animals to get used to human presence. Before opening a new game reserve or when new animals are brought (yes, they do buy animals from other places to populate or replace losses, so there is plenty to be seen by tourists), they get the animals used to the safari vehicle and people, by running close to them on a frequent basis, until the animal is used to the vehicle and people and do not show aggressiveness anymore. They do it until the “large beast” is already a part of the landscape. That is why they really do not attack.

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In safaris, where people can get very close to wild animal (being there and it is amazing to stay on 2 meters aways from lions eating a carcass), there is a theory that seems to work: animals see the vehicle and their occupants altogether as a “big beast”. I will reproduce here Sergio Diniz’s answer to When using safari vehicles or any vehicle where people are taking pictures of animals in Africa, what keeps predators from attacking the people in the vehicles?


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