Democratic Party, has No Need for Criminal Clowns. No need for Bulldog dog light Christmas shirt, enough already in the Republican Party. Just look at Moscow Mitch.  Tracy Reese Kim Hedges Trump changes his party affiliation more often than most people change their car oil. Shawn Glenn Leroy McCuiston you’re right, the Democratic party has enough of its own criminal clowns already. Sandy Bohn, This is disgusting that republicans will go so low as to try to delegitimize a decorated veteran. Who put his life in danger to protect theirs. Shame, shame, shame on them. Where is their patriotism? They certainly forgot what our constitution says and what it means! Hope E. Wenger Trump has been denigrating war heroes since before he was elected. Comrade bone spurs have some issues.

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Bulldog dog light Christmas shirt. GOP only cares about getting elected. They have no integrity. They see no wrong in what trump did…they would do the same….if given the chance. Sandy Bohn What’s disgusting is the democrats. Mueller hoax and now this circus. Doesn’t say a word about Biden or the dossier out of Ukraine, but is worried President Trump didn’t use the foreign channels that tried to undermine him. Gabriel Alfonso Richardson Sir, my respect. Your word is above any politician as far as I concern. Thank you for your honorable service. Steve Wilson Nothing introduced so far is even ILLEGAL much less rising to the level of impeachment! This is not doing anything but dividing America. Which is the intent of it anyways, Kabuki Theater? SAD!


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    Very satisfied. Good quality sweater and printing and delivery were prompt. I will most likely be back for more. Thank you.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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