Can I Get An Amen Shirt. Ruth Graham Whilst I agree that smears are still advisable, I’ve just been for my routine smear and the process for testing has changed. They don’t look for abnormal cells now, they actually test for the presence of HPV first (they discovered it was present in most cases of cervical cancer). If no HPV (which vaccine is meant to guard against hence suggestion no smear needed then) then no further action needed as unlikely to get cervical cancer. If HPV then they test cells at that point. Assume it saves money on unnecessary testing. Basically, they do a pre-test before the actual test. No change to the way the smear test itself works, just the laboratory process. I’m 52 now and just had my last 3 year one. Got to wait 5 years until the next one.

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Can I Get An Amen Shirt. Annette Walker, what exactly do I have to gain from lying? I wouldn’t waste my time arguing with someone if I didnt have a personal experience that literally fed up my entire life. I would hate for someone to go through what I am, all because of some corrupt drug scheme. There’s a FB page about the horrors of Gardasil. Go look it up if you want proof. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, Gardasil is still …somehow… being marketed as a way to help against HPV which is laughable. I truly hope they fixed it for the UK market but I honestly doubt it.


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