John Berkley Unfortunately the Captain Merica shirt. inner workings of progress involve all sorts of alphabet soups. I work in the nonprofit and education sectors, every policy is just letters and numbers. But the cause is still just. Gerald Rogers, do you mean how I want it to be? Because how I dream it be doesn’t make much sense, equality is perfectly possible and it’s not that hard. We just need to stop expecting compensation for the mistakes of the past generations. John, humans are notorious for seeing things that aren’t there. Without being told specifically that certain people are not to be belittled, they will do it. Just saying ‘everyone’ is a blanket term, and weasels will find a way out from under it, in this case, he’s using his religion as a shield, and as a weapon.

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Captain Merica shirt, Bobbi Komondor your argument is totally flawed and would not hold up in any kind of legal way. Everyone means everyone it excludes no one but LGBTIQ+ excludes loads of people and is not better. And his religion is given some special significance but for the life of me, I can’t see why. If I said I hated gays because of this invisible unicorn I call god I would be sectioned under the mental health act. David Conroy LGBTQ people are not being treated equally anywhere in the world. And I doubt the labels would disappear overnight even if they did. But my point was that it’s pretty ridiculous for the heterosexual majority to complain about sexual minority labels when it was the heterosexual majority who isolated and compartmentalized sexual minorities, to begin with.


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