Trump is right, he could shoot someone on Cat dinner table meme shirt and idiots like you would argue whether the nearby traffic light was red or green. Marcus Steven Margaret Mary Kearney you mean the media lying every single day. Remember the Russian hoax? Pepperidge farm remembers. Marcus Steven Peggy Frigard have you been watching the impeachment? I’ve watched the entire hearings and it’s painfully obvious the DNC has nothing. This clown show is a purely political move 11 months before the election to make trump look bad. Too bad for them it’s backfiring and will ultimately lead to their failures in 2020. Scot Butterfield My guess is is if this was Obama, you wouldn’t be singing the same tune.

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Cat dinner table meme shirt. I always hear people say “you know his crimes” but like the DNC (which you’re no doubt parroting) there isn’t and has never been any evidence of any crime he’s committed. It’s known the DNC planned a coup against trump before he even took over the Oval Office. This isn’t even a partisan impeachment, 2 democrats voted against it. Steve Wilson Linda Evans Critelli Yes, He does all of the time! Kind of like Bernie and Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren saying if Elected Israel will change it stands on the Gaza strip or we will remove all aid. You kind a like Biden bragging about telling Ukraine to fire the prosecutor that was going after his SON. It is only wrong if Trump does it and so far there is not anything to prove that except hearsay. Which is not acceptable in any court except in this kangaroo court.


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    Very satisfied. Good quality sweater and printing and delivery were prompt. I will most likely be back for more. Thank you.

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