Chicago the kids can sox play shirt. All you that laugh of our concern and whom dont want to agree, you are just afraid of looking at the truth. You feel this will go away if you just dont do anything. That is OK, dont work for improvement, but do at least what you can. Try to reduce all your activities that produce CO2. Drive less, use your bike more. Dont use electricity when you dont need to. Turn the lights off when your not in the room. open windows instead of running air condition. Bring a used bag to buy groceries etc. If all of us did a little, it would help. Back when they were adapted to warmer climates? Lol, let me get this straight. First, we have people who say that when the earth warmed up last time we had mass extinctions and that proves that we are in trouble but then we have people saying that no one died then because life had a chance to adapt.

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Chicago the kids can sox play shirt, Your theories are completely against one another. A fire in Suburbia Gunnar, really?? You mean like all those fires started from lightning strikes and arsenites and yet the apparent cause of climate change? Do what you can? You posting this message on Facebook is creating Co2. Jonathan Gibbs – no. You are mincing words now. We ARE seeing mass extinctions now, and it will most likely get worse. You are making strawmen arguments here, creating fictional standpoints to argue against. No serious scientist ever said “no one died back then”, even though a lot of species had time to adapt. There is a huge difference between a 4-5 degree rise in average temperature over tens of thousands of years, which has happened multiple times in distant past, and the rise we see now, which has occurred over just a few hundred years.


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