OK, so we should allow people in Christmas Lights Pig wearing Santa hat shirt, sweater later allocate huge amounts of police resources to track them down and throw them out after a massive amount of human rights appealing only for them to be on the next ferry back in for their next 3 month stint of EU mandated free movement. On what planet is that arrangement “the same” as a points-based system which permits you to refuse entry day one if a person does not meet the requirements of the established points system. David C. Sparkes Claire Herbert Yeah, but we don’t need Brexit to do that. The rules were already in place. We just chose not to enforce them.

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Christmas Lights Pig wearing Santa hat shirt, sweater. Herbert how is it possible that thousands of people can just walk across Europe up to the channel. With no proof of finances? Danny Dean Ben Davies that’s a thoroughly debunked claim that specifically only looked at recent migrants rather than the impact of migration long term (younger recent arrival migrants are healthy lower medical costs, as the stay and age they then start to take out more than they contribute) and it also made some very dubious assumptions about the cost of education and childcare. Graham Jxc Danny Dean that’s a lie peddled before. We chose completely open borders when famously other countries chose not to. Blair believed there would be no mass movement when we expanded the EU and was surprised by it. Graham Jxc Nigel Webb we have free movement within the EU. There are porous borders at the extreme of the EU but we can’t be arsed to support bolstering them


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