Dad I love You 3000 Times Iron Man shirt. Money is the root of all evil along with power and greed. What is today’s society teaching kids? And don’t bring religion into it, please. Lynn Da San Martino sure, let’s take the last filter against absolute anarchy out of the table, and then wonder why people nowadays are willing to do things like these. The Bible says that the LOVE OF money is the root of all evil. What you said is almost already bringing religion into it…so just to correct your statement. It’s still greed and putting money first. Who remembers life before the Internet and other technology took over? You know, the days when we, the Human race were reasonably sane! This is amazingly terrible.

Dad I love You 3000 Times Iron Man shirt, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt, sweater, and ladies-tee

V neck T-shirt


Ladies Tee


Best Dad I love You 3000 Times Iron Man shirt

Dad I love You 3000 Times Iron Man shirt. No matter how much money you are offered, you have to be sick to accept to take another person’s life. It doesn’t matter if the guy was real or the offer was, no one should ever accept a task like killing or abusing. You don’t take a best friend nowadays, just friends but no intimate friends. When you get married that’s the only time you get a best friend. Everyone else is buddies. Jon Bakari Abdulla haha have u heard the psycho murder stories between husband and wife?! That makes no sense lol. Nothing is safe honestly. What fortune is this social media bringing on these days? They are creating a dumb generation. Some are killing their BF’s in the YouTube video, some are killing using Snapchat. Where is this generation going on?


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