She was saturated with antibacterial soap and water and wiped down so we could see where the Dad I love you three thousand Iron Man shirt, remove the glass shards, and see what was happening. She had run through an old glass door and had lacerations from head to toes. As we washed, then held pressure, the wounds began to stop bleeding. She now had an IV catheter infusing saline as respiratory placed an oxygen face mask on her tiny face. She never even cried, she just looked scared. Within twenty minutes, there was no obvious evidence of any cuts that had been bleeding. We were stunned, and turned her side to side, searching for bleeding, but everything was completely controlled.

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I would say it was a letdown, but we were so incredibly relieved that nothing could be further from the Dad I love you three thousand Iron Man shirt. It was absolutely incredible that all of the wounds stopped bleeding. There was not one laceration that required stitching. Not one laceration that would leave a permanent scar. After an hour or two, she was released to return home with her father. Incredibly, a little girl who looked like she was going to break everyone’s heart, had improved to the point where the only visible problem was a slightly oozing scratch here and there. But it was nothing. But how it had made us all jump into action!


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