Dem Boys Tho shirt. But the government waste money on a space program, consider that for a moment. Mark Millington So closing down the space program will magically bring backwater? Doing so would only result in rising unemployment, brain drain, closing down of industries that are dependent on the space program and burn a deep hole in the government’s pocket. The mad rush to construct in itself is at large responsible for this shortage. Don’t forget that it takes more than fifty-fold the amount of water per household to use for building construction. The water crisis has already become known. In the West, efforts are already being made to save and preserve water. For next generations water, earth and hence life must be preserved, if we love our kids and their future. The internet was supposed to be a life-enhancing tech. And it is, in reality, a sea of adverts and porn and vicious arguments.

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Dem Boys Tho shirt. You can’t look at anything or read an article without constant interruption by adverts because they have worked out we are a captive audience.  a great source of data collection and control will be forfeited if we await a future where this is apart of us. our technology (e.g. phone) is already at people’s side most of the day, let alone have our brain connected the cloud, the dame cloud of which AI/supercomputer may have access to. I have followed Elon’s work for quite a long time, this man is not to be snubbed, he is a great innovator, when he sees there is room for improvement, he goes for it, Neuralink is a company full of intelligent people, this ‘new’ tech will open new doors for those who suffer from grave disabilities; autism, chronic pain, Parkinsons, memory loss, this ‘plug-in’ will stimulate the mind and utilize the brain to its maximum capacity, allowing people to live a normal life or/and make more of their lives, this is a truly wonderful time to be alive.


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