Dire Straits 1977-1988 1991-1995 Signatures Shirt. Michael Davis Brett Thomas Vivien Wu is from Shanghai, she, of course, believes the China version of what happened, you know the one where they censored and manipulated history. The CCP, controls everything, all media, it’s the only way they can stay in power. What you said just shows you have nothing about China. Not everything controlled by CCP in China. And so-called brainwashing, I live abroad for a long time and read a lot from your media. And I deeply realized no country has absolute democracy and freedom. The news and information we get all over the world are biased. The difference is wise people are better at hearing various voices and thinking. We welcome you guys to come to China, especially my hometown Shanghai, for a visit. Talk with locals and observe the ubiquitous control by the CCP is whether true or not.

Dire Straits 1977-1988 1991-1995 Signatures Shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt





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Dire Straits 1977-1988 1991-1995 Signatures Shirt. Vivien Wu Brett Thomas I don’t have the right to comment that thing because I didn’t live in that time and experience it. History has its own judgment. People have their opinion about their own country and they do know what’s good or bad. Vivien Wu Siu Ling Harper I was not sensitive, actually, you guys were. I insist seeing is believing, not hearing. Chinese are not brainwashed. Actually, I read news from BBC and CNN every day.

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    oh, I want this shirt and this very nice

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