The practice of emptying sewage into waterways must end Have a disgustang Christmas ugly shirt, sweater to save marine life, Whatever is washed by the rains ends up in the sea, lakes and other water bodies, over 100 years of negative waste policies and practices is choking Mother earth, reverse the trend or at least grind the waste assuming it will be excreted and not clog the system. Alex Lambeek Every net should have a tracker on it by law and if ever found in an animal’s stomach, fisherman pays big fine or worse. Sick of this. Adam Norwood Alex Lambeek so you wanna attach MORE plastic to it? Patrick Michell Alex Lambeek, there’s a first world statement. Think of the millions of people in Asia and Africa that have to make their own just to eat.

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Have a disgustang Christmas ugly shirt, sweater. Hart Heffelfinger Alex Lambeek thanks for outing yourself as someone who knows nothing about commercial fishing… Charmaine Whitcomb Mulder How many more whales will it take for us to clean up the ocean I wonder? Sugar Millz I think every beach should have staff that their duty is to prevent people from dumping waste in our oceans. Christi Washa Sugar Millz this waste is from FISHING BOATS. Merchant ships, tankers, Cruise ships. Airplanes that dump over the ocean. You need to broaden your horizons girl. Vivienne MacLaren What happens to regulate and punish fishing boats?? I’m sick of picking up rubbish from them on the beach!


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  1. Lalake T-shirt

    I ordered 4 hoodies of various sizes as a promo for my business and the print and sweatshirt material were well made…I did think the hoodies were thin and hopefully they also do thicker ones as I would defo buy from these guys again.

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