I would classify Don Cherry and a Disney Eeyore water reflection mirror shirt. There are consequences when you can’t keep your mouth shut and make Idiotic statements. Richard Edwards Yay, poppy fascism. Predictable as ever, and still hypocritical when you consider what those veterans were fighting against. I refuse to wear one or buy into something that’s gone from sober remembrance of those conscripted and forced to fight other working-class men (well, boys really) to the death, to a grossly distorted glorification of jingoistic nationalism and an opportunity for the Right to accuse progressives of being insufficiently ‘patriotic’ whatever that means in a country sold off piecemeal to the Russians, Chinese, etc). Jonathan Wesley Canada has turned into a pussified country as soon as Trudeau and the Liberal government took over. You can’t voice an opinion or look at someone the wrong way without offending people.

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Disney Eeyore water reflection mirror shirt. Many of those “you people” fought on the allied side in the Great War and Second World War. This has nothing to do with ethnicity or where you’re from. Wearing a poppy doesn’t mean you necessarily respect or understand the sacrifices made. As clearly shown by this muppet so-called ‘commentator’ good riddance! Rick Conkin So let me see if I have this perfectly clear. Don Cherry, a sports personality is fired because of comments perceived to be racist but the Crime… I mean Prime Minister is given a pass for HIS racism? How the H.E. Double hockey sticks does THAT work?


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    I’ve ordered the T-Shirt as part of my daughter’s Christmas present and was pleasantly surprised to be given a £10 voucher as an apology for the supposed long delivery time. It came within the week so that to me is excellent customer service. I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

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