Dispatcher Llama Ain’t Got Time For Your Drama Shirt. There are two instances of Trump giving away his salary the issue is he makes more from his trips to his private golf resorts than he would if he straight up just took the salary. Pati Bannister Cuccinelli’s ancestors came from Italy and he must know that even poor when they came they have pride, work hard and necessity of food, clothing, and shelter was the parent’s goal until they work and saved to live a decent life. He should be ashamed to follow trump and his gang to do harm! Steven Totaro Most of the people born in the US can’t support themselves, either. What do we do about them and why are they any different? I can’t believe you think the US even has adequate welfare! I love the states but the amount of veterans on the streets totally contradicts your supposed support of the armed forces. It’s really a shame.

Dispatcher Llama Ain’t Got Time For Your Drama Shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt





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Dispatcher Llama Ain’t Got Time For Your Drama Shirt. Steven Totaro, you’re kinda right, but it was also written at a time when immigrants were allowed to find jobs without fear of deportation and immigration was easier all you had to do was show up at Elis island. Luke Timberlake Your comment is a non sequitur. Guns aren’t the topic, you’re just grasping for straws but to address your extremely lame attempt to make a point, the right to bear arms is to overthrow a tyrannical government, 100 round drums are perfectly in line with that. Gavino Rosales this is about people coming here legally though. They can work. Get their hustle on driving an uber or whatever and actually make pretty decent money.


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