Doghead Dick Nurse Love Dog shirt. Why didn’t they have security? People trained to remove others. I hope she does him for assault. They were trying to get a point across to raise awareness of an issue. As I say, wouldn’t have happened if they’d hired security on the door. That’s what I said, they should have had security.  And what if she did have a knife or acid? His approach was heavy-handed. Read by the above comment. Sure that’s true but trespass isn’t a criminal offense whereas assault is! If it’s a private event they should’ve hired security to ensure it remained a private event. It specifically lays out that- she knew she was not meant to be there and she was deliberately there to disrupt normal activity.

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Doghead Dick Nurse Love Dog shirt. Lloyd Knight is ridiculous. This isn’t one of them. She deliberately provoked the people in this meeting, you play you pay. No, it does not assault. No one knows what her intent was. You don’t have to be of color or male to have radical\terrorist intent. Those that are saying it was overreacting would be singing a very different tune if someone had of got hurt by her going through unchallenged. The right to use reasonable force to eject has come from a lot of case law. The decision is based on was the force used the minimum amount of force required to get them to leave without threatening. Restraining by hand and pushing out probably ticks that box. If he had pulled a knife off the table and used that to get her to leave that would have probably been crossing the line.


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