Dogs And Wine Make Everything Fine shirt. Marcos Barron, I find it amusing you are a Trump supporter considering the type of racist & bigoted people who support him… and the horrible things Trump says & does. Trump gets the audience at his rallies revved up and spews hate towards the women in congress. I wish we didn’t live in a time where people were so star struck they’d vote in a reality tv star over someone experienced & educated in politics. Paul Coate The swastika is an ancient symbol that was in use in many different cultures for at least 5,000 years before Adolf Hitler made it the centerpiece of the Nazi flag. Its present-day use by certain extremist groups promotes hate. Maybe if Americans were not so arrogant, they would not need to wear a hat to say their Country was great.

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Dogs And Wine Make Everything Fine shirt. Robert Williams The Nazi’s were a little more sophisticated. Hillary and those who were scared that they would become poor because their money and higher position in society were being “stolen” from them voted for Drumpf. Carlos R. Castillo — How moronic to see trumpeters value communist ideals as reasonable and in the same tone say that America needs to be made great again. Plus, I have to say – trickle-down has been proven not to work. Rich are getting richer, poor are getting poorer. (Small business owner, here.) Portfolios get fatter, charity does not increase, nor does passing those benefits on to the worker. Look at Amazon, Walmart, any of the big companies. I just think if you put in a day’s work, you should be able to afford to live.


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