I am embraced that the Donald Trump boxing heavyweight shirt a terrorist to the UK.  Moore Job Expect irrelevant speeches like unemployment in France and killings in Iraq to impeachment debate from DT. Jak Lawrence Feel a bit sorry for the Marines that serve onboard Marine One. Must be hard saluting a big-talking draft-dodger who’s 80% blubber and 20% hair. Jason Michael Bruce Jak Lawrence I Feel a bit sorry for your Government who repeatedly lets Terrorist out of Prison to Kill your own people there Mr. Jak Mehoff. Linda Kelly Jason Michael Bruce whereas yours are free to roam and shoot anyone they like? Joe Cally Ejesi He’s a failure as president but more importantly, he’s an absolute failure as a human being, end of the story.

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Donald Trump boxing heavyweight shirt. Linda Kelly Nikki Rhodes you have heard the comments your President made about his own daughter I suppose? People in glass houses and all that. At least, at this point, your allegation is yet to be proved! While I’m here, could you send back the ” lady ” who mowed down an innocent, claimed Diplomatic immunity, and fled the country. Thanks awfully. Sasha Bens Donald Trump is going to use this to spew his usual BS and try to take credit for things he had nothing to do with. He’s literally nothing more than an incompetent playground bully who doesn’t understand anything other than lying and insulting others…just like he has no understanding of NATO.


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