Donna and The Dynamos Vintage shirt. Michele Geller the nazi’s weren’t voted into power, President Hindenburg won the 1932 election and appointed Hitler chancellor in 1933, Hindenburg died in 1934, and left a note saying he wanted Hitler to succeed him (however it’s widely believed that Hitler forged this note to gain power) so no, the nazi’s were not voted into power, go read your history book again. Fernando Vicente Mendes Where would we be without the ad hominem as displayed by those at the peak of ‘mount stupid’ (not a personal attack, it’s a technical term). Marcos Barron nobody makes anybody a racist supporter. You always were a racist, bone spur coward, Helsinki traitor, stump Tower treasonous, adulterer on three wives, sexual predator ‘grab em by the incisor of others to sexually molest, tax defrauder, hidden scholastic results, afraid of perjury with Mueller, hater of women and LGBT sTUmp supporter!

Donna and The Dynamos Vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt


Ladies Tee


V neck T-shirt

Best Donna and The Dynamos Vintage shirt

Donna and The Dynamos Vintage shirt, Wanna know why the Middle East is a problem? Because both sides have effective access to nukes through alliances. That comes more from WW1 politics than from the way maps were drawn after WW2. Maps are easy to change. Its a lot harder to tell someone to stop being friends with a buddy with a big gun. If you lived here you would know! It is the liberals that are taking George Soro’s money and creating chaos around the world to destroy our countries so they can fulfill their globalist agenda! Trump loves our country he is a wealthy man who was invited to all the parties as they pandered for campaign contributions! They are very afraid because He knows what the Democrats are up to. He is uncovering the corruption and exposing it for the world to see!


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