Tracie Lenkiewicz Tracy Turner You don’t think Don’t Mess With Kansas City Chiefs Pennywise Shirt. party politicians don’t lie? All their party politicians are, are politicians that didn’t make the Repub or Dem cut so they run independently. Libertarians nor the Green Party are any better. NONE of them are. Deanna Bell Gutierrez Ralph yup can you imagine if all of this or even half of this was done by a dem president. They would be outraged. Pure outrage. Mary Wheeler Gutierrez Ralph well said. I am so sad and embarrassed by the actions of this President from his first day. He is so self-absorbed, he cares nothing about the Constitution or the Law’s of our land. Money and greed. He wants to be like Putin or the Saudi Prince. King Trump.

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there are no more flaws Don’t Mess With Kansas City Chiefs Pennywise Shirt. criminal acts committed by both sides Democrats and Republicans. Our country has a government that no longer works for people but the other way around. We have become a corporate nation where both sides are fighting for power and stoop at the lowest form to expose each other’s dirty laundry. We have legislators that are being pimped by Pharma, Petroleum corporates and all they do is pass laws that no longer are in people’s benefits but theirs. Jennifer Speller And this on the same day that Boris Johnson’s actions in proroguing parliament are called illegal. We are fighting back against the establishment and it’s fantastic to see! Emoluments much?

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    What a great product at a great price. Love it completely. Will use again for sure.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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