Anna Payton So glad she’s finally settled in Eleven Peter Griffin sss ahh sssss Stranger Things shirt. I do think she should have been given more notice so they could say proper goodbyes to friends though, and more support on arriving in Halifax. I grew up in Hertfordshire and after University ended up in Manchester. There is life up north and I would recommend it to others. It seems that travelling away from your roots is normal for those who go through further education, but for those who don’t they do seem too tied to their roots and scared of change. Look at the wonderful views and fresh air this woman has now and a wonderful life for her son away from gangs and knife crime.

Eleven Peter Griffin sss ahh sssss Stranger Things shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

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Kelly Hagger If I didn’t have a Eleven Peter Griffin sss ahh sssss Stranger Things shirt be worried about moving further afield. Anything to keep my family safe! At least they are offering to help you! Ryan Guthrie No one says “poor landlord” who has housed a family without compensation??? Linda Annicchiarico IKEA have the right idea in Norway with their flat pack homes . It has solved housing crisis in some areas. Look pretty smart too. Debbie Streeter I raised 2 children, mostly alone, and often had to ask for help with benefits to get by. Even though I worked as well. But by not paying rent this lady made herself homeless. It’s not just about being poor, if I now didn’t pay my mortgage I’d be making myself homeless. There are some landlords that allow people on benefits to rent but the worst thing this government did was make payments to the tenant and not the landlord. They spend it on other things and before they know it they’re thousands in debt with zero means of paying it back.


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