Come Monday morning I started to feel pain, high up in my stomach area. Not enough to take painkillers but noticeable enough. Like a constant dull ache, almost like bruising from a punch to the Family camping 2017 shirt besides I will buy this stomach. Went to work as normal. As the day progressed the pain intensified and I started to get sharp pains with every breath. At lunchtime I went to the GP (General Practioner) clinic opposite my work and the kind doctor there said he couldn’t say what it was but could be my lungs, pancreas, or something else I can’t remember now. He advised me if I started to experience any trouble breathing or the pain got much more severe that I should go to the emergency room. By 4 pm I was in agony and asked my boss if I could leave early to go to the hospital and was told no. I asked 3 more times over the next hour and finally, she grudgingly relented at 5 pm while muttering under her breath that I was being ridiculous. I called a friend to drive me and every bump in the road was agony. I arrived at the hospital at 6 pm and after initial triage was lucky to see the doctor quickly as the ER was quiet. The doctor did a physical examination and ordered blood tests. I lay on the bed for the next hour waiting until finally, the doctor came back to tell me my blood tests were all normal and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me, that sometimes we just have unexplained abdominal pain and implied a gynecological cause. I burst into tears and asked him to keep looking as I KNEW this was more than that. He said I should go home and that’s when I got angry. I said I would not leave and that they could get security to me out if they wished but I would not voluntarily leave. The doctor walked out in a huff only to return 20 minutes later looking sheepish. He explained that they had tested my blood for a few more ‘rarer’ things and it turned out there WAS something wrong, I had acute pancreatitis. All of a sudden nurses were giving me morphine and I was being admitted, I was nil by mouth for 3–4 days and in hospital for 2 weeks. I have a similar story that happened 5 years later, this time appendicitis. Hence I now have trust issues with doctors.

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It was quite an interesting experience. When I got to the Family camping 2017 shirt besides I will buy this home I was to babysit at the Mother of the child said nothing to me except ‘don’t burn the house down’ and left. She had left a dozen donuts on the counter for breakfast and lunch. I had to babysit from 7 am to 3 pm. The child (who was seven) wanted to play with me, so I did. I played board games and dolls and everything you could imagine. Around noon I finally told her I didn’t want to play anymore. Immediately she had a complete meltdown. She screamed and cried at me, saying no one loved or liked her. She had told me earlier how she had awesome friends at school and her parents did lots of fun things with her, including going to parks and playgrounds. I let her play on her IPad for awhile, told her that when it died she could go and play with her dolls and things, by herself. I sat on the couch and read my book until the Mom got home, at 4:30. The Mom was an hour and a half late. The Federal Reserve Bank is an independent entity that regulates the flow of money both hard currency and virtual credits through its 12 regional FRB banks. There is one Central Federal Reserve Bank. Often people would be screaming with fury. They did not like our scripted, professional answers to questions we were asked literally 1,000 times every day. A co-worker invented an effective way to deal with the problem. After a brief yell from a citizen, she would interrupt, saying, “I’m the only person on earth that wants to help you with this problem. Therefore you need to be polite and listen to what I say and speak politely. If you fail to do that, I am forced to put you on penalty hold. And I will help the nine other people waiting before talking to you.” And she did. She would pick up the phone two minutes in to see if the caller had cooled down, if not they had to wait an extra 5 minutes. The music on hold as a garbled jazz fusion that was tricky to follow for a rhythm. It was its own special hell. The rules involved were black and white and each person suspended signed a paper telling them they would be suspended if they did not certify a repair had been made. They then were sent a letter with a warning. Then the tags were suspended and / or yanked. Essentially we were abused for doing our job, so seeing the frustration did bring a measure of satisfaction.

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