he irony of those big Flowery Lungs Christmas shirt, sweater ships visiting Venice and emitting greenhouse gases.  Robert Bell Jonnie Parkin Venices issue isn’t rising sea level, the whole city is sinking. It began sinking in the 1900s when the aquifer it stands on was tapped for water. Also, Venice has now banned cruise ships from docking in the city itself. For aesthetic reasons. Jason Lee Robert Bell the city has been sinking for hundreds of years, it was the first major sea-level rise which was in 1900 not when Venice started sinking. The city has also slowed down its sinking, now it’s more the water level rising year on year, flood defenses have also failed to work as designed. Henry Ward Kerry Berry if you look at the picture the one with the woman in orange shorts and spotted Jacket. The cafe behind her is where we ate.

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Flowery Lungs Christmas shirt, sweater, They “so-called”, banned the cruise ships from docking…..it’s the idea, but sadly, they are still coming in for now. The idea is to move them to another area, and not completely ban them. And it wasn’t only for aesthetic reasons. Unfortunately, Venice makes billions from these ships docking in. It’s the sad truth. And on another note, this wasn’t a typical “acqua alta”. It was an actual flooding caused by a twister and very strong winds. Either way….it’s a disaster. Poor beautiful Venice. Cheers from Italy!


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