Chris Baraquitas The number of Four Ghost I Got A Rock Halloween Shirt. people in this thread that think schools are actually teaching children anything is astounding lol. The only thing kids these days are learning is how to pass the state funding tests. Krystal Lynn Lynne Farrer Vine Yes really… It’s a school strike, and you want to know why they don’t hold it on the weekends when there is no school from which to strike. Which part confuses you? Mylena Dratcu Bruce Gooderham that’s too hard for narrow-minded to understand. Greta is earning millions for a fake and manipulated speech. She’s so hypocrite !! This climate change crap is all about politics. Stephen Gill Charles Quinton She has no more message than an answering machine. She knows only what she is told by radical environmentalists.

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She probably doesn’t even understand what they are Four Ghost I Got A Rock Halloween Shirt. Things like that she should know about like El Nino and El Nina .and other warm currents that appear from time to time altering the Earth’s Climate. Vanessa Buck My 5 year old is more intelligent than some adults I’ve met. I think that it’s time for adults the start listening to kids because sometimes they do have some really good ideas and a different perspective on real-life scenarios. Adults are jaded and cynical while children are still dreamers filled with hope. Patricia Price Gardner Niv Lass I bet walking the streets shouting like the spoiled brats you’ve been trained to be was truly a blast and I’m sure it was very productive. Heather Parkin Patricia Price Gardner that comment demonstrates why you’re self-employed … you don’t play well with others and you run with scissors!

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