In all honesty, I do think immigrants are French Bulldog Boston Christmas shirt, sweater to wear poppies. Why do I know this – because my own parents are immigrants and they don’t wear poppies? But immigrants, at least from what I see, are also less likely to use the composting program and other community things like that, not because they’re not trying to integrate, but simply because they don’t know about these things. I think he was very insensitive to them with his comments because he doesn’t know how difficult it is to be an immigrant. There are so many things you have to learn as it is, it’s very forgivable if you don’t put on a poppy. He needs to understand what they’re going through and that integration is a lengthy process.

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French Bulldog Boston Christmas shirt, sweater. We had a guy on TV tonight speaking about the protesters picketing Trump. He wore an army uniform, and he probably served in WWII. He was saying he wanted to shoot and kill the protesters. I guess he never learned what the war was about. Linsey Green In my country (the US), a huge swath of people in the military are immigrants. And in the World Wars, colonized people in non-Western countries had to put their lives at risk and fight their oppressors’ battles, yet they are rarely honored. Joan Smallwood His private opinions are not part of his job description. He is not being paid for insulting people.


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    I’ve ordered the T-Shirt as part of my daughter’s Christmas present and was pleasantly surprised to be given a £10 voucher as an apology for the supposed long delivery time. It came within the week so that to me is excellent customer service. I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

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